Internet Leased Line

Internet Leasedline

Enterprises use Leased Lines to interconnect their important nodal centres such as primary data centre, back up site, call centre and regional hubs. Hence circuit uptime and scalability-on-demand becomes most important.

Leased Line is the oldest and most basic data connectivity service but is still popular among Enterprises. Leased Line service suite not only provides the traditional version of leased line but also some of the more advanced flavours that are required by enterprises for different business applications.

The advanced flavours of Leased Lines include,

  • The High-Availability Leased Line variant that is suitable for business critical application. It is built on HDX-a new multi-path restoration technology.
  • The over-the-wire upgradable Ethernet Leased Line suitable for inter-node connectivity that is expected to require regular bandwidth scaling.
  • The virtual fibre or dedicated lambda (wavelength) variant suitable for DR implementation requiring synchronous mirroring capabilities.